Edward II – The gay king


Edward II – The gay king

Lessons in love

written by Christopher Marlowe | directed by Char Li Chung
The production is being revived this summer and can be seen on 29 and 30 July in LUX Nijmegen (with surtitles), on 4 and 5 August at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (with surtitles) and on 11 August in De Nieuwe Vorst in Tilburg (no surtitles)

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Edward is young and full of lust for life. His coronation marks the beginning of a new era. Time for love! Passion! Celebration! Peace! Encased in the crown, Edward dives headlong into everything he has been denied his whole life.

All eyes are on him, but Edward seems through his choices to be neglecting his political and worldly duties. Everyone around the king serves the crown and acts in the interest of the realm. But what if this interest represents something different to everyone? Will the young, contrary Edward be forced to choose between love and politics? Are these mutually exclusive, or can they coexist within one human being?

An incisive, humorous royal drama about fighting for love and your ideals, even in the face of the most extreme consequences.

Queer historical drama

Director Char Li Chung has created a contemporary costume drama based on Christopher Marlowe’s play Edward II. Back in the 16th century, Marlowe created one of the first openly homosexual characters in Edward II. Following on from the popular reception for Don Caravaggio (nominated for the BNG Bank Theaterprijs award 2019) and his adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis (2021), Chung once again sinks his teeth into a queer character from history.

Run time 110 minutes, no intermission
Language Dutch
Surtitles English Thu Jul 28 & Fri Jul 28 : LUX Nijmegen and Thu Aug 04 & Fri Aug 05 : ITA Amsterdam


written by Christopher Marlowe | adaptation Jibbe Willems | direction Char Li Chung | with Abe DijkmanMatthijs IJgosse, Fjodor JozefzoonTobias KerslootZiggy KnelSigrid ten Napel | dramaturgy Madelon Kooijman | scenography Ruben Wijnstok | lighting design Yuri Schreuders | costume design Armia Yousefi | costume department Femke van Neerven | production leader Jeroen Heinen | technical staff Wiel Coopmans, Denson Batteké | campaign photography Marijke de Gruyter and Nicolien de Jong | marketing Daniel JaspersThijs Toonen and  Femke Krijntjes  | with special thanks to prof. Ruud van den BeukenDavid Cham


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